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Some Easiest Strategies to Take Tablets Without Any Difficulty

Some Easiest Strategies to Take Tablets Without Any Difficulty

Although tablets are extremely useful for treating any type of critical disease, many people face difficulty while taking tablets. If you dislike swallowing tablets, taking any type of tablet might seem like such a pain. You could worry that the large tablet will get stucked in the throat, or that you will choke when swallowing it. Tumors, strokes and many other medical issues can make swallowing difficult for many people. Additionally, it can be difficult for the children to take a tablet easily as they have never taken tablets before. So it is natural that they will be afraid of swallowing a large and hard tablet.

However, if you are also one of those persons who are afraid of swallowing a large and hard tablet and facing difficulties taking a tablet, then this blog will be very helpful for you. Here, we will tell you about some easiest strategies to take tablets without any issues. Keep reading the blog to know about those strategies in detail. 

Best Ways to Swallow A Tablet Without Any Issue

It can be challenging and even painful to take hard and large tablets. Many people choke, throw up, or gag while taking a tablet. That might make it difficult for people to take the proper dose of medicine, which could make them sicker. Although it sounds easy, swallowing a hard tablet is a challenging task that requires 50 pairs of muscles to reach the tablet from our throat to our stomach.

Lots of people suddenly become very conscious when taking tablets, and they worry that the large and hard tablets might get lodged in their throat. If you want to swallow a tablet easily, then try to not become over-conscious while swallowing the tablet. If you are still facing difficulties, then let us help you with some easy strategies. Here are some most useful and easiest ways to swallow tablets without any issue. Try them if you are facing issues while swallowing tablets.

1. Drink Enough Water

It is one of the best strategies to take tablets since water helps us to swallow anything quickly by making the tablet or other food item wet. All the doctors also advise their patients to try this most effective strategy to take tablets easily. To ensure that the tablet reaches from the throat to the stomach smoothly, drink plenty of water to wet the throat before swallowing the tablet, then take the tablet with water, and then maintain drinking sufficient water afterward.

2. Use the Bottle Method 

According to a research result published in 2014, some German researchers discovered the bottle method to be extremely helpful for people who cannot swallow tablets easily.

You need to drink water from a plastic bottle or a pop bottle while swallowing the tablet. First, water should be put into a flexible plastic bottle or a pop bottle. After that, place the pill on the tongue and firmly seal the opening of that bottle with your lips. Then take a sip of water from that plastic or pop bottle. Then, immediately take the water and the hard tablet.

However, stop the air from going into the bottle when you are swallowing water. If you are having issues while taking tablets, then you must opt for this easy strategy to take the tablet

3. Follow the Lean Forward Technique

This is also one of the great strategies to swallow pills with ease. Try to tilt back the shoulders and the chin as you put the tablet on your tongue, and then drink enough water and swallow the tablet in the lean forward position. After swallowing the tablet, try to rapidly but cautiously lean your head and shoulders forward. A brief study found that this simple procedure to take tablets helped more than 88% of people to take the tablets easily and quickly.

4. Make Use of A Lubricant

Many doctors also suggest their patients to use any lubricant while taking their hard tablet. It is one of the simplest strategies to take a tablet smoothly. Sprays and lubricants for taking tablets can make it easier for your tablet to pass through your throat swiftly and easily. For individuals who have various health issues or swallowing abnormalities, lubricant is the most suitable and beneficial solution. If a tablet unintentionally becomes lodged in your throat, you can also try the lubricant gels to remove it. To do that, you just need to widen your mouth and spritz the lubrication into your throat for swallowing the tablet easily.

A study found that the lubricant is beneficial for both kids and seniors because it makes it easier for those people to swallow tablets who have a dry mouth or other issues. 

5. Swallow the Tablet with Soft Food

If you cannot take the tablet easily, you can also try this easiest strategy to take your tablet quickly. You can take your tablet with a pudding or any other soft food. First, take a bit of the food you want and then try to swallow the tablet by putting it in your mouth. It will help the tablet to go down smoothly.


After following all these strategies to swallow tablets, if you are still having trouble taking tablets, you should consult your doctor immediately. It could be a symptom of a major health problem if you took tablets without any problems in the past but suddenly faced issues while taking them.

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Some Easiest Strategies to Take Tablets Without Any Difficulty

Although tablets are extremely useful for treating any type of critical disease, many people face difficulty while taking tablets. If you di...